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Our focus for success is guided by a sound investment management philosophy.


O'Shea Media Group's subsidiary Starbuckle Pictures is currently raising up to $50MM in order to produce lower budget motion pictures ($2MM to $8MM) and co-finance larger projects alongside successful producers in most mainstream genres.































































Strategy for Success

Development of a
valuable library of
entertainment content
through both organic
and acquisitive

Each project is treated as an investment in search of the highest possible return with the least amount of risk. By utilizing a disciplined portfolio approach, risk will be mitigated through diversification and the elimination of "Hollywood" accounting. Our green light committee comprised of a network of entertainment industry professionals will evaluate projects for consideration.

Diversified portfolio
approach to financing
and co-financing motion picture productions.

spacerA great screenplay is only as good as the director behind it. The fact is, a bad director cannot make a good movie out of even the best script. The director is the key person to develop and carry out the intended vision of how the film should look. Therefore, O'Shea Media Group's main focus in reviewing screenplays of all genres will be to make sure a proven director is attached.

One of the essential elements and main factors that helps to determine box office success or failure in movies is music. Music is an integral part of the fabric of any motion picture. It magnifies the emotion of scenes and allows the use of another dimension to enhance the viewer's experience. With music being an integral of the viewing experience, our focus will be to deliver an outstanding and marketable soundtrack with each motion picture we produce.


spacerVisual Effects (VFX) are the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shoot. Visual effects involve the integration of live -action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. Understanding the importance of implementing this process in most of our motion pictures has led us to partner up with a leading visual effects company in Los Angeles in order to make sure we can create the look at a fraction of the cost.


spacerWe intend to reduce our principal risk by partnering with advertising agencies to obtain corporate sponsorship dollars for its motion pictures. Demographic targeting, brand integration and product placement will be accomplished via screenplay design. Distribution assistance will be provided by the agencies through embedded ad campaigns and P&A augmentation.


spacerThe motion picture industry is entering a new digital era! Advancements in technology allow for self-distribution. Theatrical (box office) releases are the ultimate goal, but the Company’s philosophy is to obtain pre-sale guarantees in the direct chain that, at a minimum, covers the budget in the short term while our portfolio is being built. The budget/pre-sales corollary will not be inflated in order to maintain strict adherence to the Company’s investment management strategy.

As the digital download trend expands, distributors such as Netflix, RedBox, VuDu, CinemaNow, Apple (iTunes), Google (Google TV and YouTube) and others will be seeking content for delivery to a new generation of movie consumers – the downloaders. This is a significant opportunity for Starbuckle Pictures to carve out a niche for its productions through direct/viral marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoogleTV, iTunes, blogs etc. and on “piggy-back” arrangements with the ad agencies.


spacerA corollary of the Company’s corporate sponsorship model is additional revenues through licensing and merchandising. Starbuckle Pictures will employ every reasonable effort to integrate these prospective cash generators during the development and production process in order to maximize profits.


spacerThe Company’s strategy is to make motion pictures that look like big budget productions at a fraction of the big studio cost through limiting overhead, outsourcing, hiring the highest quality production support at the lowest cost, offering top talent greater creative freedom in exchange for greatly reduced fees, vigorously exploiting tax incentives and taking advantage of low interest financing as leverage to building the most valuable library for the dollar versus competing studios.


spacerThe Company has a long term expansion plan to build value for its investors through the acquisition of content that will expand Starbuckle’s library of films beyond what the Company is capable of producing on a strictly organic basis. The creation of a commercial free (except for promoting movies) TV channel for sponsored movies along with the integration of video game synchronization will also provide additional revenue and direct distribution opportunities for the Company.


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